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The GreenWorld Project ®
celebrates 23 years providing you with high quality tree seedling favors and gifts

Live Tree Seedling Favors and Gifts

The GreenWorld Project has been providing tree seedling favors and gifts for a “green world” since 1991. We believe that giving a tree seedling as a gift or favor is an opportunity to put trees in the hands of people who may not have considered planting a tree otherwise. With today's awareness of climate change and environmentalism, the gift of just a single seedling can open the door for individuals to become more active as stewards to the world around them. Regardless of the occasion, a tree seedling provides a living, lasting remembrance that can bring years of enjoyment.

ALL of our tree seedling products are 100% guaranteed to arrive fresh and healthy! Any products that are less than satisfactory will be replaced immediately if we are notified within 24 hours of receipt of shipment. All of our tree favors and gifts will arrive fully assembled with the exception of our Tree Favor Kits.

Experience the quality!

Our greenhouse grows 5 to 6 million containerized tree seedlings every year. We are one of very few greenhouse complexes in the US that use cogenerated heat as our primary heat source. We use the cooling tower water which is piped in from our neighboring power plant which heats our greenhouse, reducing our use of fossil fuel energy significantly. Our tree seedlings are grown using modern technology with computerized climate control to keep the proper growing temperatures, lighting, carbon dioxide atmosphere enrichment, fertilization and watering.

Containerized plug seedlings such as ours, offer flexibility and survivability. The roots remain protected by the soil they are grown in, eliminating shock when transplanting so the tree seedling establishes easily and settles into the soil better.

We have the capability and experience to provide for ALL of your "green" event needs regardless of quantity. Give us a call or drop us an email. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.
email: info@greenworldproject.net
toll free 800-825-5122

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